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Dr. Nico Rose

Positive Psychology in organizations: What it is good for? Studies habitually show: Many organizations fare badly, economically speaking as well as on the human side. Financial performance falls short of expectations. But employees´ "psychological income" also falls short. Many people are only moderately motivated. Sickness ratios reach ever new highs due to psychological problems – and high performers resign in large quantities. Why is that the case?

  • There is too little leadership. And if there is, it often is unsatisfactory leadership.
  • There is mistrust. Especially mistrust in organizations´ top management.
  • Fear and cynicism reign. Necessary change is ignored.

As a result, growth and profits stagnate. Companies usually react by employing "the usual suspects": cost-cutting and consolidation. And they are confronted with predictable dead ends, because efficiency programs are exhausted at some point. What's actually missing:

  • Leader who help their employees grow and make them better.
  • A corporate culture that promotes job engagement and excellence.
  • A sense of purpose that overcomes self-interest and short-term thinking.

All of this may sound wishy-washy to some ears, but the opposite is true. In recent decades, researchers have been able to show that it is precisely these human factors that determine organizational performance in the long term.

  • My goal: Meaningful and profitable growth for people and organizations.
  • My maxim: There´s nothing more practical than a good theory.
  • My tool chest: Positive Psychology.

Leading Expert for Positive Psychology

"Harvard Business manager" named me a "leading expert in Positive Psychology in Germany," and the German "Personal Magazin" ranks me among the top HR Influencers in Germany. Many clients are repeat customers, working with me several years in a row or for different locations. Why should you work with me?

I know what I talk about.
I am one of the pioneers of Positive Psychology in Germany and am in exchange with the international thought leaders in this field of research.

I walk the talk.
Leadership roles in international corporations as well as a more than a dozen years as a management coach have shaped my beliefs: trustful relationships, strength orientation, and meaningful work are the keys to superior corporate performance.

I inspire people – beyond the day.
This is what those clients say who have worked with me in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Typically, my keynotes and workshops illuminate the intersection of Positive Psychology, leadership, and corporate performance.

Positive Psychology in Organizations

Meaningful growth for people and organizations

Our employees are our most valuable asset. This is how almost every description of corporate values begins. It is high time to live up to this claim. In their best moments, organizations are places of:

  • Inspiration and human development, where ideas cross-fertilize and people drive each other to peak performance in the best sense.
  • Connectedness and self-determination, where people respect each other and honor individuality while everybody works for the greater good.
  • Optimism and compassion, where people play to their strengths and the joy of work inspires the growth of employees and the organization.

Organizations can be all of these things. But experience and decades of research show: They don't become all of this just by themselves. Too often, employees are seen solely as cogs in the wheel. But only those companies who accept people as a whole, with their passions, their enthusiasm, their desire for a meaningful life, will achieve outstanding results.

My mission: I deliver momentum for the best our businesses can be: Places of meaningful and profitable growth for people and organization.