Positive Psychology News Digest | No. 02/2017

My favorite news and blog articles covering Positive Psychology and adjacent topics from (roughly) the last seven days. New York Times: Yes, It’s Your Parents’ Fault by Kate Murphy New York Magazine: Your Emotions Are More Malleable Than You Think by Ian Robertson New York Magazine: There Are Only Two Kinds of Terrible Bosses by Cari […]

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Neuer XING-Insider-Beitrag

Der Text ist eine Fortsetzung zum XING-Klartext-Beitrag vom 3. Januar zum Thema der „Führungskraft als Coach“. Der Beitrag argumentiert, dass es letztlich kaum überbrückbare Rollenkonflikte zwischen der Führungsrolle und der Coaching-Rolle gibt.

Staying Sane, Cavemen-Style

Mankind is a smart bunch. We´ve learned how to put a man on the moon, how to build skyscrapers as high as mountains, and we have access to all the knowledge in the world via small devices in our pockets made of plastic, metal, and some microchips. We can travel back and forth between the […]

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Treating Yourself with Kindness: On Self-Compassion

For several decades, developing self-esteem in children and adults has been the holy grail of fostering healthy attitudes towards the self. Yet, starting in the early 1990s, criticism arose, pointing towards the absence of positive consequences of having high self-esteem, and highlighting several negative consequences, such as dismissing negative feedback or taking less responsibility for harmful actions. In […]

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Positive Psychology News Digest | No. 01/2017

My favorite news and blog articles covering Positive Psychology and adjacent topics from (roughly) the last seven days. New York Times: The Year of Conquering Negative Thinking by Lesley Alderman New York Magazine: Living With Purpose Yields a Longer Life and Higher Income by Drake Baer Guardian: From Groundhog Day to … Raging Bull? – […]

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Lots of Good Luck for 2017!

In Germany, chimney sweepers are seen as symbols of good luck (as is some other countries, too) – especially rubbing one of the golden buttons of their traditional uniforms. Therefore, in the beginning of the year, they parade through the streets and give candy to children. Today, I was able to take this photo as […]

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George Lucas on the Intersection of Star Wars and Positive Psychology

I´ve written  about Star Wars in the past (see Odysseus, Luke Skywalker, and the Quick Fix and Bad is Stronger than Good! That is why our World desperately needs Positive Psychology). Today, I´d just like to share this short video that I found on Facebook. In an interview, George Lucas shares his view on the light side […]

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Neuer Klartext-Beitrag auf XING

Der Text setzt sich kritisch mit dem Trend der „Führungskraft als Coach“ auseinander und warnt davor, dass ein falsches Verständnis von Coaching letztlich zu unethischem Verhalten den Mitarbeitern gegenüber führen kann.

10 Keys to Happier Living [Infographic]

These are the the ten keys to happier living according to Action for Happiness, a UK-Based NGO backed by luminaries such as the Daila Lama and Sir Richard Layard –  focusing on disseminating knowledge on Positive Psychology to the general public and helping people to set up local meetings groups (among many other things). Please […]

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Positive Psychology News Digest | October – December 2016

My favorite pieces covering Positive Psychology and adjacent from the last three months. New York Magazine: Success Depends on Your Personality More Than IQ by Drake Baer New York Magazine: The 4 ‘Spaces’ Cities Need to Make People Happier by Drake Baer New York Magazine: What Good Is Hope? by Drake Baer Positive Prescription: Looking […]

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Ein kluger Blick auf die Herausforderungen der Zukunft für Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer. Nico Rose präsentierte in differenzierter und engagierter Weise Erfolgsfaktoren und Bedingungen unser Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft vor dem Hintergrund der Generation Y. Sein Beitrag zeigte, dass wir offen und authentisch gemeinsame Schritte mit der kommenden Generation gehen können, damit die Wirtschaft wieder den Menschen dient und nicht umgekehrt. Eine wunderbare Bereicherung.
Rheingauer Wirtschaftsforum


RT @EmilySandelands: How does emotional contagion - the study of how emotions spread from one individual to another - help leaders motivate…
What does it feel like when you ask other people for #feedback - but only what´s really, really good about you? :-) | @PositiveOrg
Rockstar! Great to reconnect with @HQCJane. I basically stole everything from her (and @monicaworline) for my @TEDx talk on #Compassion in Organizations | @PositiveOrg DrNicoRose photo